DIY Gift for Father's Day

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For Father's Day this year, we have a fun and easy craft that you can do with your little ones! We found this DIY inspiration on Pinterest, and have laid out the steps for you.


A Simple DIY Gift  |  Perfect for Dad


5 x 7 "You Rock Dad" 
Download Template

5 x 7 Picture Frame (with a thick enough frame to glue rocks on to)


Pencil Crayons/Crayons


**Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks OR White Glue **If you are using hot glue, please ONLY have an adult complete this step. Children can help choose the rocks and even direct where to place them, but only and adult should use the hot glue gun for safety purposes. White Glue is a great alternative, but be prepared for a longer dry time.


Step 1

Print out our downloadable "You Rock Dad" colourable page. Have your little ones colour/decorate the image - choose Dad's favourite colours, or include a special message!


Step 2

Glue rocks/pebbles around the frame. Tip: a rough layout of rocks around the frame before you glue is a good idea - to ensure you have enough rocks to complete the project, and to get a general sense of where the rocks will fit best.


Step 3

Place your "You Rock Dad" sign into the frame, and you are done!



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