Wedding Accessories: Expert Advice from Lazina Mckenzie

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Have you spent countless hours sifting through Pinterest for the perfect accessories for your big day? We sat down with our favourite seasoned Style Consultant, Lazina Mckenzie to ask for her expert advice on how to pick the best pieces. Lazina is regularly featured in the media to share her perspective on personal style and new fashion trends. You can catch her (along with us!) sharing tips for bridal styling at Edmonton Bridal Expo on Sunday October, 2.



How do I select the right colours and metals to complement my wedding dress?

The colour of jewelry you choose for your wedding day look should be based on: your skin tone, hair colour, eye colour and the colour of your dress. 

Whether you’ve chosen a dress that is ivory, blush, white, cream or anything in between, you really should consider how the colour of the dress looks against your skin and how you can enhance all of this with the right metal colour.

A very quick and rough way to see what metal colour you should choose would be to know whether you are of a cool, warm or neutral skin tone. For example, a warm skin tone looks fabulous against gold or rose gold. This doesn’t mean though that if you prefer white gold, silver or platinum that you can’t lean this way. There’s no rules per se just some guidelines that may enhance your overall bridal look.



Should I mix metals on my wedding day?

A great thing to do is to mix textures and colours together. It’s much more interesting than wearing pieces that are matchy matchy. THAT looks dated.

Mix away. For example, silver and gold can look very chic together. Whether it’s a mixed metal on the same piece or layering a few different pieces together, this can look fabulous.

Also, mixing metals with gemstones is a great way to add colour to your bridal look.


What does “too much” look like?

It’s definitely easy to get caught up in wanting to adorn yourself with many pieces. My advice. Resist. It’s always best to edit yourself down so that you have a few key pieces without going overboard. Having too many accessories can look clumsy and confusing. YOU want to be seen at your best. Here’s my suggestion- don’t add too many big bold pieces near your face like a chunky necklace, big earrings and bold headpiece or veil. Instead, pick one focal point. Maybe go with a bold, chunky earring and a delicate bracelet. Leave your neck bare.



Necklines and necklaces…how do I know what style and length of necklace to pick?

There aren’t major rules here. It’s really what you like.

I will say though that with the ever popular and classic sweetheart neckline, most necklaces will look great – whether a pendent, chain or chunky, statement piece.

A square neckline, rounded and scoop won’t look as flattering with a short pendant. This neckline tends to look better with a chain necklace that doesn’t have a severe drop due to the pendant.

If you’re dress is an off the shoulder cut, go with a bare décolletage and collarbone. You’re natural self is stunning and this area is quite sexy.


What’s trending in bridal accessories for 2016 and 2017?

Tiaras. Not the 1980s version but sweet, vintage inspired tiaras that have more of an airy, light feel.

A pop of colour. Whether that’s in an earring, an evening clutch or eyeshadow, adding a contrasting colour is a bit different and totally unexpected.

Shoulder necklaces. These have been around for a bit now but there seems to be much more variety in the stones and styles of shoulder necklaces you can find. Whether you’re into statement pieces or looking for something a bit more antique-y and whispy, there are many to choose from.


Lazina Mckenzie is a seasoned style consultant who founded L Squared Style, a boutique style consultancy, over five years ago. Lazina thrives on working with clients by helping each and every one of them feel more confident and empowered. She does this by making them look and feel their absolute best. Whether she’s working with senior executives, politicians, those re-entering the dating world, soon to be brides, professional Moms and so much more, Lazina’s focus is the same - she helps people be their most confident self so they can feel like rock stars. Every. Damn. Day. Lazina is regularly featured in the media to share her perspective on personal style and new fashion trends. She has a special spot in her heart for local designers and makers and, whenever possible, highlights the off-the- chart talent that is right here in Edmonton. When Lazina is not making people look and feel fabulous, you can find her eating local fare, pretending to be a chef in her kitchen, hiking the Rockies, spending time with her beautiful and hilarious nephew, running hills, sipping wine on patios, taking in local events in town and, most importantly, spending time with her hubby.

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