In Loving Memory of BettyAnn Gillespie // 1956-2016

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It is with heavy hearts that we grieve the loss of BettyAnn. She was a dear friend and cherished member of our Paris family.  She will always be in our hearts, and we will be forever grateful to have known her. 

Chau, P99

BettyAnn was one in a million. Knowing her for 16 years, she was always kind, gracious, respectful and had a heart of gold. There was good in everything she did. She was a mentor to me in so many ways. She taught me how to always do the right thing, to always give 100% no matter what, to have gratitude and have courage. Anyone who met BettyAnn knew just how special she was. She was a joy to be around, her laughter was magical, and she saw the good in everything and everyone. She will be missed everyday. I don't know what we ever did in life to have the honor and privilege of knowing someone as amazing as BettyAnn. We had the honour of knowing her, working with her, calling her our friend and a cherished member of our family. She made our lives better just by simply being in it. We will miss her everyday. But she will never be forgotten at Paris Jewellers. We will strive everyday to make her proud, to greet customers the way she did and to keep a store so clean that it glistened. We will be eternally grateful to have known her and she will be forever in our hearts.


Trang, P99

BettyAnn was a wonderful person with a heart of gold. She was kind, patient and had a witty sense of humor that could make everyone laugh. My most recent memory with BettyAnn was talking to her on the phone about how excited she was about her store, team and the company. She will be dearly missed.


Chatterly, P99

When I first attended the manager's training, we had a dinner, and I was so new, very shy...I was seated at the same table with BettyAnn. I was scared at first because she seemed intimidating, but I was wrong. She smiled at me and talked to me the entire time. For a shy person like me, that made my whole world brighter. She was so warm and I never had a problem communicating with her, even when there were times that there were problems with her service or special orders...she was very kind and had a good heart...very open to criticism and suggestions. She calls me "ma'am boss" as her term of endearment. I really miss her... I adore her so much...  


Amanda, P2

There is so much I can say for BettyAnn. She had a way of making someone smile just by her glowing personality, and was always available to help answer questions. I will deeply miss her calling me a brat and how she was always "just tickity boo." BettyAnn will always be greatly remembered! 


Sam, P29

BettyAnn was incredibly helpful and welcoming to me as a new member of the Paris Family. She would respect you based on your commitment and values. She truly cared about every member of her staff and always wanted the best for her customers. BettyAnn lived and breathed our values and she will be missed by the many people who had the privilege to be impacted by her kindness.


Kayleigh, P30

I met BettyAnn at the first manager meeting we had last year. Boy was I nervous. She instantly started chatting with me and made me feel at ease and welcomed. She took me under her wing, and helped me along my first day. She always was happy and had such a pleasant demeanour about her.


Kaitlyn P, P99

There was always such warmth in her voice, no matter the day or what she needed to discuss you could feel that warmth from her. I am grateful to have known such a beautiful person and I will never forget that warmth I always always felt from her.


Kathy, District Manager

I will always remember meeting BettyAnn for the first time. It was over seven years ago when I was invited to attend my first managers meeting in Edmonton. At that time I had only met one other manager in person (Rick who hired me). I was very nervous to attend, not knowing anyone and being the new kid on the block. Worried about how I would fit in and would I be welcomed. My worries disappeared my first day. I met BettyAnn. On the second day of meetings there was a chance for free time in the evening and some of the managers were heading to West Edmonton Mall. BettyAnn had her van because she had driven up from Calgary. She invited me to join her group heading to the Mall. Yes, BettyAnn is responsible for me seeing WEM for the very first time. We then had a late dinner on Bourbon Street. It was so great to sit at table and have a casual conversation with this lovely group of Paris Managers that welcomed me into their group. After that one of the best things about managers meetings was seeing BettyAnn, getting a big hug and have her ask "how's it going, girl?". BettyAnn's love and commitment to Paris Jewellers was to her core. She was always willing to help a new manager, give advice to a stuggling manager or listen as you bounced an idea around. When I think of words to decribe BettyAnn they are: kind, gracious, fun, bubbly, dedicated, committed, supportive, encouraging, loyal and happy. I will be forever grateful that she was a part of my Paris family.


Rosa, P19

My thoughts and prayers go out to BettyAnn's family. I have had the pleasure of meeting BettyAnn 6 years ago. She was a aweet, kind hearted, cheerful, caring, special person that I feel blessed to have known. She always made you feel welcome, always gave you the best advice! Always had something good to say about everyone! I will never forget the time when I had started with the company as a District Manager and was in the Calgary district. BettyAnn made sure I was part of their Christmas dinner. We had a fun time! It was always so nice to talk to her at our meetings in Edmonton, and on the phone. She will be greatly missed, especially her sweet smile. God Bless Betty Ann


Julia, P31

I met BettyAnn at several Manager's meetings. She was truly a dedicated and loyal Paris BA. I am sure that her light will continue to shine as it did while she was with us.


Kaitlynn J, P99

BettyAnn was truly an amazing woman! I remember the first time I ever met BettyAnn in person. It was at the Christmas party 2 years ago. She came up to me and said, “if it isn’t the Miss Famous Kaitlynn J!” (This was after I had gotten up on stage to perform a magical show with the magician ....) She was so kind and sweet and always knew how to make a person laugh even if they were feeling down. I know myself and Charm cherished her wisdom for stones. If we had problems locating or sourcing a stone the first person we would call was BettyAnn. She would give us a lecture of the history of the gemstone we were sourcing and then would say "K, give me about an hour and I’ll call you back with some quotes on different quality of the stones " BettyAnn was such a kind hearted women and made an impact on everyone she spoke to . She will be deeply missed <3


Melissa, P99 ​

She was respectful, considerate, very kind and patient.​ I will cherish the relationship we had.


Van, P99

BettyAnn was my favourite manager to work with. She always replied right away to any emails or phone calls from me. I have never had any problems with the paper work, such as hiring package, paid outs, status change, etc.... She made my job done easily, with happiness.


Davina, District Manager

I only got to see BettyAnn a few times at the managers meetings, but she just had such a warm heart and would make me smile. One time I had the pleasure of being paired with her for an exercise at the managers meeting - we just tuned right into each other and rocked that exercise! At another managers meeting right after I had my "DM in training" announcement, as soon as she saw me she called me over for a hug and told me that she knew I was going to be the next DM. She made me feel really proud and special, and I suspect that she had that effect on everyone around her. :) Her kindness was truly inspiring.


Marjorie, District Manager

BettyAnn was always a pleasure to be around at the manager meetings and Christmas parties. She had wisdom and much to contribute to all of us. Her sense of humour stands out and the fact she ran a tight ship in Northhill Centre. Her laughter and inspiring contributions at the meetings will be missed by all.


Glenda, P99

BettyAnn was a great mentor and leader. She excelled in all her endeavours. She was the type of person that made you a better person, just for having known her.  I will miss her positive and friendly greetings and conversations. We have lost a great member of our Paris family, however, we were lucky to have had her for the time we did!

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