In 1985 the dream of moving to Canada from Vietnam to create a better life became reality for one young and hopeful family. With two small daughters, relocating was no easy decision, but they knew that a life in Alberta had much to offer if they were willing to work hard and take every chance they were given with grace and gratitude.

A new chapter in Canada meant working tirelessly at odd jobs, often late into the night and rising early again in the morning. When life offered up an incredible opportunity to apprentice as Goldsmiths, the young and ambitious parents jumped at the chance. This invaluable training sparked thoughts of entrepreneurship, and eventually, the doors to a humble Jewellery and Repair Store opened. It was 1987 and the beginning of a dream.

Armed with a Vietnamese-to-English dictionary and studying in the evenings for her ESL classes, Thu, the matriarch of this young family so genuinely cared for her customers that no one minded taking an extra moment to support her with translations. Certainly, they also appreciated her unyielding commitment to quick and quality services, and her deep passion for ensuring every customer she served was happy, every time. One modest 400 square foot store eventually grew to two locations, then five, and today the Canadian owned and operated business proudly operates 24 locations across four provinces.

From the time they were very young, Thu would bring her daughters Chau and Trang with her to work. The sisters learned from their mom that running a successful business meant that everyone pitched in. As youngsters, the girls would write sale signs in adorable adolescent script to promote sales, they would clean the modest showcases, and always greet customers with wide grins. Learning these core values of gratitude, sincerity, kindness, and having a can-do attitude are lessons that the sisters hold dear to this day.

Now spearheading the company, Chau and Trang carry the vision and legacy of the Paris Jewellers luxury retail brand into the future, with 25 locations across four provinces, employing 230 people. On any given day you will find Chau, Director of Operations, fielding a wide variety of tasks; from helping a customer choose the perfect engagement ring to negotiating product agreements with vendors, and training Brand Ambassadors. Peer into our head office in Edmonton, Alberta, and you will see Trang, Financial Officer, organizing and leading the accounting team, and keeping all of the numbers in-check for a thriving business.

At Paris Jewellers, our origin story gifts us with strong roots to rely on, so that we can continue to flourish and grow for years to come. A dream barely fathomable 30 years ago, is now a brilliant reality. One that provides a daily reminder of how tenacity, grace and gratitude can turn every challenge into a lesson, every day into a gift, and every moment into a precious memory.