Paris Jewellers is thrilled to be the preferred provider for Ring Cam in Canada. Ring Cam is the world’s newest & only way to record an engagement proposal on video – right from the ring box! Record your proposal, the reaction, and the celebration - a chapter in your story to cherish forever!
How does this work?
As the Preferred Provider of The Ring Cam, Paris Jewellers is thrilled to offer the Ring Cam to our customers with their purchase. Package option and booking information will happily be provided to you from your Paris Jewellers Brand Ambassador.

How do I sign up for a Ring Cam?

Visit your closest Paris Jewellers location and one of our Brand Ambassadors will be happy to assist you! With your engagement ring purchase, you can rent the Ring Cam, or qualify for a free rental. Then you can decide to take your Ring Cam with you at that time or schedule your pick up for a later date so that it is ready for you to pick up when you are ready to pop the question!  

How long can I keep the Ring Cam?

Your Ring Cam rental is for a maximum of 3 weeks, so we suggest that you pick it up well in advance of your proposal so that you have time to practice recording your big moment. And then return it promptly to avoid a penalty. 

How long does the video run?

Ring Cam can hold up to 90 minutes of footage.

Does It Record Audio?

Of Course! What’s a video without audio?

Does the Ring Cam take photos?

At this time, no. The main function of the Ring Cam is to record videos.

Can I propose at night? Is there a flash?

The Ring Cam can record in low light, and works great at sunset and cloudy  days. However, the Ring Cam does not have night vision or a flash.

What happens if it isn’t working?  

If your Ring Cam is not working and you have performed basic troubleshooting (for example: ensuring the unit is charged on a computer, not a wall outlet), you can bring it back to Paris Jewellers and exchange it. 

How do I know if my Ring Cam is charging?

To ensure that the Ring Cam is charging, press the button on the top until the light turns to a solid green. When the green light turns off it is fully charged! It does not take long to charge the Ring Cam before it is ready to use for your proposal.

Why is my Ring Cam acting up when connected to my computer?

Certain USB ports cause the Ring Cam to not work properly, plug the Ring Cam into another USB port on your computer and see if it fixes the problem. For the tech savvy, a USB 2.0 is guaranteed to work, newer USB 3.0’s have issues.

Mac computers can also cause issues with the the Ring Cam. We recommend working with Windows devices, and are in the process of being Mac friendly.

How do I download and view the recordings?

You can instantly download, save and view your proposal recordings by connecting the Ring Cam to your computer via the included USB cable. Download and watch instantly! Share with your family and friends, or ask about our Proposal Package where your photos and proposal footage will be professionally edited into a video you will cherish forever. Play it at your wedding reception, on your anniversary or anytime in between!

IMPORTANT! DO NOT DELETE your Ring Cam video off of the Ring Cam. This video, if deleted, will not be retrievable. COPY your video to your personal computer and leave the original on the Ring Cam. When returned to Paris Jewellers, the Ring Cams get shipped back to the Ring Cam head office and are wiped and reset and your video will be able to be used for a Proposal Package if you so choose.